Friday, September 11, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

This was hands down one of my all time favorite books when i was a kid, from the previews that ive seen it looks like they're going to do it justice. If you have yet to read this book, i strongly suggest that you go out and get it NOW!, check out the trailer.


So as you may know i have recently become a fixed gear hear, and im loving every second of it, my bike was finished about a month or two ago and ive been really into the subculture of it all since before i even rode a fixie. I came across this video and it looks really good. Its another documentary type of movie mostly following a club, or family of cyclist called the "black label". There are almost like a diy tribe of people who are tight nit and have there own lifestyles and are against the whole commercial scene. Looks pretty interesting, check out the trailer you might like it.

B.I.K.E. Trailer

Monday, July 27, 2009


Street Fighter 4 Pictures, Images and Photos
alright so street fighter 4 came out sometime ago but times are tough and im not trying to spend 60 dollars on a disc some little chink gets paid 5 cents to make. so i went to frys the other day and they had it for 30 bucks, being the deal lover that iam i couldnt resist. I gotta admit, its a pretty challenging game, has greaaat replay value, and theres alot more to do then just fight. David, Josh, and others that play gimme like another week and ill be waxin that ass on xbox live, anyone else, hit me up gamertag HALOW5CULT

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sooooo hyped

Alright so recently clamsjams and a few of my henderson homies turned me onto this band wavves, i was skeptical at first, but there really good chill music to get high to and there a pretty dope band. Tomorrow me and david are gonna go see them at the smell and im super excited for that shit. if you havent heard of them check em out

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Year One

Alright ill admit when i first saw the previews for this movie it looked like it was going to be hilarious. I was a bit dissapointed when i saw that the combination of Mclovin, Michael Cera, and Jack Black was still a miss. Unfortunately its much like any jack black movie, but Michael Cera really shines in this one with his brand of "akward friend" comedy. But as i say with my reviews dont take my word for it, feel free to see it on your own

Transformers 2......

One of the biggest most critically acclaimed summer blockbusters starring some of the biggest names in young Hollywood. I didn't like it, Not for the fact that it was all of that, because i really liked the first transformers, it was something new and different and had a real look to it. This new movie was nothing like that in my opinion. They over used the special effects, everything was really easy to figure out, the action scenes were alright at best. It kinda just seemed like there was SO much pressure from the first movie that this one just fell flat. Hopefully this doesn't discourage you from putting a little more money in Michael bays pocket and making Spielberg that much more rich and seeing the movie for yourself.

Been a while.

Its been quite sometime since i have last updated my blog, the passed months have been so hectic. Ive been back and forth from 2 states, multiple cities, i feel like im on tour or something. So ill update you as of now, in case you didnt know im now a proud father of a 6 week old baby boy name ayden.
i also got a new tat, both pictured above.
my car is now a 2 ton paperweight, serves good purpose for just hotboxing though.
suprisingly i miss the desert. I plan to keep the blog up though, so be prepared to have some boring misadventures and random photos, and possibly drunken nights....??